Envisioning the Future Individual Health Insurance Market

 Challenge Launch
September-November 2016​

Sept. 26-Nov. 11

Applications accepted

Nov. 1-11

Assignment of teams

Nov. 9

Challenge kickoff webinar

 Round One: Reform Proposal Submissions
November-December 2016

Nov. 9-Dec. 9

Each team develops their proposal or position paper

Nov. 14

Website submissions open

Dec. 12-22

Judging of initial papers

Dec. 29

Selection of Round Two teams

 Round Two: Reform Proposal Modeling
December 2016-February 2017

Jan. 3

HCRFM system presentation

Jan. 4-Feb. 28

Milliman modeling support for teams

Dec. 30-Feb. 28

Each team develops final paper with modeling and presentation

Feb. 27 Webinar: Actuarial Challenge – Announcement of Round One Results
 Final Proposals Released/Presented
March-April 2017

March 1-31

Judging of Round Two papers/presentations

April 1-15

Round Two papers/presentations

Check back for updates as the Challenge progresses.​